Seven Sisters Seafood Market is committed to providing high quality, traceable, sustainable seafood options.

Why Frozen?

Frozen food sometimes gets a bad wrap!  When it comes to seafood there are many pro's to properly frozen fish.  


Quality: The texture and taste of quickly frozen fresh seafood is nearly the same as fresh. In fact, frozen-at-sea product is of much better quality than "fresh" fish that has been in a boat's refrigerated hold for over a week.

Safety: When seafood is frozen and stored at appropriately low temperatures (at least minus 10° F), bacterial growth is arrested, preserving the product and dramatically extending shelf life.

Economy: High-quality frozen fish is not only superior to a stale, unfrozen product but is much less wasteful, easier to inventory and usually less expensive than fresh.


The method we choose for our products is called IQF.  

IQF: (Individually Quick-Frozen.) Pieces of finfish or shellfish fast-frozen as single units, then glazed, bagged and boxed. The "quick" in IQF can refer to cryogenic methods that employ liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, or to blast freezing. It simply means the product was frozen in a matter of minutes or hours, not days. 

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