When passion meets purpose, dreams become reality!

When passion meets purpose, dreams become reality!  And that is the story of Seven Sisters Seafood Market.  Troy and Amber Robison and their close friend Kurt Breitenstein have brought their passion for Louisiana flavors and high-quality seafood to the heart of Central Tennessee.  


What does that mean to you? It means you can now source flavorful, quality seafood right here in Dickson Tennessee!  Your special occasions, events or dinner for two can now have the same impact as that of a high quality, expensive restaurant.


If that isn’t exciting enough, it is also reasonably priced and comes with tips, tricks, and authentic recipes! If you like to eat more than you like to cook, they also offer customized catering.


This story began when Kurt and Troy met at the YMCA and soon discovered they shared a profound love for basketball, family, and living a Christ-Centered life.  The rest of this passionate team includes Troy and Amber’s seven daughters; Jordan 19, Abagayle 15, Elysha 13, Lilly 11, Zoey 8, Samantha 6, Isabella 4.  Together they are the heart of Seven Sisters Seafood Market.  


Lucky for Central Tennessee, this team dreams big!  

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